Industrial vacuum cleaners

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Company Introduction

           As a leading industrial vacuum equipment manufacturer, G-winner Ind. Vacuum Technology ( Tian  Jin ) Co. Ltd, crowned as a professional and standard industrial vacuum brand, is always committed itself to solving industrial cleaning problems, strictly sticking to the development philosophy of “base ourselves on China to service global industrial customers”.  
          December 2010 Ge Wei Lede moved to the development of the North Sea, the plant under the technology research and development centers, manufacturing centers and other departments. Jinghai plant into use, so that Ge Wei Lede to become the industry set of scientific research, production and experiment as an integrated base for the future Granville Ryder laid a good foundation for large-scale development.   


    Tel: +86-22-59592317/14/15--8029    Adds:No. 2, Baxian Road, Jinghai Economic Development North Area,

    Production and sales:Industrial vacuum cleaners

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